Relieve Stress.
Avoid Illness.
Restore Balance.

What We Do
Resolve Stress
Hidden stress is still,
in fact, stress.
Get Unstuck
Don't let your past
dictate your future!
Take back control
of your life for more energy and less dis-ease.
Determined seekers to overcome health challenges.
Effective ways to support your wellness goals with the benefit of 30 years of research with practical solutions.
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Our Advantage
Offers the ultimate menu in your pursuit of happiness and freedom.

Appointments available in person or by phone.

Maria's training includes Health Kinesiology, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Quantum Physics Balancing,
the Release Technique, Remote Broadcast Balancing, and the school of hard knocks.

Her expertise combined with her intuition and sense of humor offer an unparalleled avenue for healing and wholeness.

Complements traditional and alternative services.  

Time for a Change

Goal Options... the possibilities are endless:
Work on improving your current circumstances.
Transform surviving into thriving.

Clear residual stressful experiences surrounding relationships, work, money, or childhood to improve your current daily life.
Get the victory over your health challenges. For your pets too!
Find work you enjoy. And time to pursue it.
Identify the problems so you can solve them.

Find peace where you are.
See, learn, move on.
Feel lighter. Happier.
Find Yourself. Be Yourself.

Questions to ask yourself:

What is one thing that would put more ease in my life?
What bothers me in my daily interactions with people?
How to further address a nagging health issue?
I played a part in creating this situation, now what?
Is there any danger in creating too much balance in my life?
What are the consequences of improved health and quality of life?
What am I waiting for? : )

About Maria

I am driven by the cause of freedom. Giving opportunity to those ready, willing and grateful, to take back their power and experience greater peace in body, mind and soul.

If you would like to have more control over every area of your life, improve your health, be happier, stop being a sponge for others negativity, the time is now to take a quantum leap in wellness.

The body needs your support. It can't do it without you. There is only so much storage space for past regrets, sorrows, disappointments, irritations, before the toxins overflow into health challenges.

You've got what it takes to clear out the stressors, and ride the wave.
I have the encyclopedia on the how… Facilitating the body's natural response to do it's own healing… with ease.

Get to the root causes of imbalances in the body causing headaches, allergies, weight gain... Being uncomfortable in your body = dis-ease.

There are 13,000 diagnosed conditions and 7 underlying causes. Let's break up the breakdown in wellness to allow you to move onward and upward in life. Breakin'-up is not so hard to do : )

Time to have more FUN - Freedom Unleashed Now!

The Story

Maria's passion to support others in reaching their health and wellness goals, as well as releasing daily stress that leads to illness, was inspired by life's challenges. At 19 years old, she survived 2 car accidents, including being thrown out of the car upon impact, to overcoming a variety of debilitating health issues 20 years ago, to continuing research and education today, adds to her expertise in delivering what is best for her client's needs.

"I set out to find anything that would help support, and give my body what it needed to truly heal itself. To get to the cause while taking care of the symptoms. And to understand and work on prevention for long term benefits."

"That was a long healing journey and in the process I experienced the many benefits of Health Kinesiology and continued to learn and implement other healing techniques for true health and wellness in body, mind and spirit."

"It's personal, it's profound, and it is my passion to help others reach the quality of life they deserve. Relieve stress, avoid illness, and restore inner balance. ... with ease."

Maria is trained in Specialized Kiniseology as well as EFT/Emotional Freedom Techniques, Quantum Physics Balancing, The Release Technique, and Remote Broadcast Balancing. She offers private sessions, as well as group and workshop training in how individuals can use EFT to have more peace and enjoy life no matter what.

"The gift of truth and of healing is only for sharing..."

Relieve Stress. Avoid Illness. Restore Balance.

Maria Davis

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You are worth it!

Notes of Gratitude
  1. The Best Investment!
    Thanks for investing in others' health and happiness.
    A great value!
  2. Right on Target!
    Thanks for the session. Right on with topics that were brought up in my work!
    Just when you think there can't be anything left.... :)
  3. Relevant!
    That was a wonderful session, all very relevant to the happenings this week.
  4. Finally, Good News!
    Good news update. I am seeing things clearly again.
    So thankful that session was on target and exactly what I needed.
  5. Grateful for Family Support.
    Thank you for what you offer to me and my family. You are a bright light in this world.
    Pets too!
  6. Tremendous knowledge...
    Thank you for your knowledge and skill - a great appointment.
  7. Amazing!
    What an amazing session that was. Ever so grateful for these sessions.
  8. New Freedom!
    After our session, I did some things to embrace my new sense of freedom from limitation.
    It was like the door to limitations was open. and I was experiencing a new freedom. Thank you!
  9. Blessed.
    Thank you for entrusting me with this incredible gift and information. I am so blessed to have found this work and you!
  10. Care...
    Thank you so much for your heart and care and attunement. We've been getting at some lifelong stressors.
  11. Patience...
    Thanks again, Maria. You are a life saver. Thanks, too, for your patience.
  12. Profound keys.
    Thank you so much. Profound keys that I'm applying.
  13. Consistent Caring.
    Thank you dear friend. I have deep gratitude toward you and your consistent caring.
    It has softened my heart with respect to my situation and given me confidence to continue this path in a most positive way.
  14. Relief of old traumatic memories makes life better!
    Thank you so much for helping me relieve the stress of traumatic memories in my life.
    Specifically (and this is just one of many examples,) I can now visit my husband's hometown without anxiety and fear of getting violently ill. You see, his hometown is the same location of a boating accident... where I was severely injured. Every visit brought anxiety and severe, acute bouts of physical illness. This obviously posed a problem for me, my family, and my marriage. Good news and many thanks to you, after a few sessions of health kinesiology and practicing EFT, I am now able to visit WITHOUT getting violently ill or feeling anxious. I am just beginning to see the benefits of feeling less stressed and have a feeling life is going to be much, much better. - W.H.
    I am just beginning to see the benefits of feeling less stressed and have a feeling life is going to be much, much better.
  15. Phone Session
    I am so grateful for our phone session and all that you bring to it.
    Fits my schedule!
  16. Forever grateful for life and laughter.
    I wish to convey to you, the reader, of the immense support and guidance Maria has been for me. Maria and I met ~ 19 years ago… we were both students in the healing arts.
    Two years ago, I was diagnosed with a 1% rare and aggressive cancer. When I told Maria, she said we would not leave any stone unturned on her watch. We have continued our work together to this day... obviously alive, that's the great news. Maria skillfully helped me to transition through the many difficult treatments and issues through the years. Of course, laughing in each session made the difficult material something I looked forward to. I am forever grateful for her kindness, generosity, and above all her willingness to navigate my journey with me.
    I am forever grateful for her kindness, generosity, and above all her willingness to navigate my journey with me.
  17. Lighter is good!
    I feel lighter!
  18. Overcoming Challenges.
    I needed to lighten my load to meet the challenges I faced.
    I am grateful for the support and for the resolving of old burdens and clearing current stressors.
  19. Exact and Efficient!
    It's always great to talk to you! It's like exploring a wonderful garden full of blooms and treasures
    and finding the exact thing that needs to be removed today! Thank you so much.
  20. My needs are met.
    I've seen Maria about 6 times. With each visit, I am truly grateful for the peeling away of old blockages, patterns, memories, and fears.
    Health Kinesiology cuts through years of talk therapy and gets to the core in no time. Not to say, there isn't a time and place for talk therapy. However, HK not only identifies my most important stress for that particular day but physically releases the blocked energy, that sense of feeling stuck. I can breathe deeply again. I'm empowered to take action again. I am always amazed at how exact and quickly my needs are met. My inner child loves going to see Maria, while my adult is maturing with new found grace, wisdom, and peace.
    I am always amazed at how exact and quickly my needs are met.

Doggie Gratitude

June 2013

I was a stray someone turned into the shelter.  A strong, handsome Pit Bull Mix if I am to believe people.  But I was in the shelter for over 6 months because I was scary and ill-behaved (if I am to believe people).  I lucked out and a rescuer saw my potential.  My new mom is a Maria client.  Thank goodness she knew that if we relieve stress we are happier and WAY more pleasant.  EVERYTHING was scary to me – weather, being alone, many random things.  When “something” set me off I would go into “crazy mode”.  

After a few sessions with Maria (had them approximately every 5-6 weeks) I wasn’t so stressed by everything.  I don’t know how long I wandered but I think I am 2 years old.  So I must have been through some tough stuff.  

After 3 months with Maria, both Mom and Me were loving the progress. So here I am, 8 sessions and counting – I want to be the best tail wagger I can be!  I live with a sister dog and great parents.
(I love Mom alot but Dad has great feet to lay on).

I am 9 months into my adoption and it’s a good thing I found Maria or I may have found my way back into the shelter or worse.  I still need exercise, don’t get me wrong, but now I am exercisable.

Maria, my salvation,

Luv, Tucker

P.S.  “People” tell me my tail is dangerous with all that wagging – IF I believe them (but I don’t).  Oh, and I’m still strong and handsome (THAT I now believe).

Calmest EVER!

I am an 8 year old Golden Retriever.  I was rescued when I was 4 years old. I had a lonely life before that.  After I was rescued, though, it got worse – the other dog I went to live with attacked me (more than once).

He finally went away but I was still nervous and had a permanent scar on my face.  I often gnawed at my legs; rather than it being skin or allergy issues my vet said it was anxiety -- she was right because Maria made it go away.  

For the last 9 months I have been working with Maria.  My scar is healed (it was 3 years old), I rarely gnaw and I interact and have fun daily with my new brother, another dog who was rescued.  

Life is Good!

Thank you Maria, I love you – WOOF!





Ready to have more FUN/Freedom Unleashed Now

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You are worth it!

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